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Escape from the city and dive into serenity

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Sun 5th - Wed 8th May 2024

Six Senses Ibiza, Spain

Embark on a transcendent journey at our sanctuary of serenity, where we embrace the theme "A Symphony of Senses." Each Wellness session is a meticulously crafted experience, designed to awaken and harmonise your senses. Delve into a profound exploration, engaging each sense individually, to foster a deeper connection with your inner essence and the sublime beauty of our natural surroundings. Our retreat is not just an escape, but a passage to a more enlightened, luxurious, and spiritually attuned way of being.

2nd - 6th November, 2024


The Truffle Hunting & Olive harvesting season is a

special transformative time that invites us to slow down. This Autumnal Wellness Lifestyle retreat will help us to establish self-connection and emotionally invest in being kind to ourselves. We are tapping back into our internal rhythms to ground and re-centre. Our vision is to facilitate clarity of mind and ease of body, to blend luxury and style with raw simplicity; binding them together with Italian authenticity. We hope you have an extraordinary summer and join us as we seamlessly transition into the next season.

Autumn Wellness Retreat
Tuscany, Italy

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