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Escape from the city and dive into serenity

9th - 14th May, 2023

Tuscany, Italy

Escape to the rolling Tuscan hills

Image by Giuseppe Mondì
Image by Karl Köhler.webp

16th - 22nd June, 2023

Batroûn, Lebanon

Experience the beauty of the middle east

14th - 19th Jul, 2023

Ibiza, Spain

Wellness, hippiness and alegría de vivir! (joy of life!)

Image by Annegret Kammer
Image by Slow Ibiza
Image by Eryka-Ragna
Image by Kornél Máhl

21st - 26th July, 2023

Mykonos, Greece

The name drop beauty

8th - 15th Sept, 2023

Ubud, Bali

Pure magic of Indonesia 

Image by Johnny Africa
Image by Jon Flobrant
Image by Spencer  Watson
Image by Marvin Castelino

January, 2023

Tulum, Mexico

Experience the beauty of the middle east

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