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Wellness Boo

London  Based Wellness Teacher

With over 7 years of expertise, Boo teaches a variety of wellbeing-enhancing practices to help individuals feel healthier, calmer and connect with their higher selves.



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Six Senses Retreat

Ibiza, Spain

5th- 8th May 2024

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Image by Rydale Clothing

English Countryside Retreat


to be announced

Six Senses Ibiza_Sea Scape One Bedroom Suite 3.webp


Wellness Coaching

I thoroughly enjoyed being on the pilot version of the programme with Boo. 
Boo was massively communicative and encouraging and able to adapt to my lifestyle whilst still maintaining the importance of incorporating discipline, even in new environments (which was what happened to me).
My weight process was 9 stone as a starting weight and my height is 5'5  and by the end of the programme I was 8 stone 2. I am now 8 stone 3 and have been for a month as I continue the programme but changed to suit my circumstance in areas. 
I feel this is my 'weight' as I still now enjoy foods and working out and my routine is completely set. 
I still enjoy occasional treats and also really enjoy the challenges.
I lost 10 pounds overall and I am also a lot more mindful in what I consume  and truly found this programme to impact my whole life and will continue going forward for the foreseeable!
I am now so much more gentle with myself then I use to be, appreciating my body and mind in more of a routine rather then letting myself get to a point of needing to work massively on it - It doesn't feel exhausting but now very natural - I take steps and I think that's the best factor I learnt from Boo - the consistency.
Thanks again Boo!

Emily L, Social Director

I loved, loved, loved the wellness regeneration programme with Boo. Boo was a huge support and ray of positivity throughout - keeping me motivated, in check and consistent. I’ve been on a wellness and fitness shake up this year but the knowledge Boo imparted has been the biggest lifestyle change I’ve made, and I’ve continued it on when the programme ended. I lost 11lbs on the programme and I feel so confident to continue this as the scales shift downward week over week and I tone up and feel more energetic. I’ve learned loads about nutrition, my cycle, sleep, self-care and how to lose weight and tone up in a healthy and sustainable way. I’ve also loved the prompt to read daily as I had struggled to build this into a routine before at home, and now have ploughed through loads of self-help and business books that have been on my list for a while! Thank you Boo!

Laura H, Head Of Sales in Luxury Sector



I feel significantly more relaxed and refreshed after every class with Boo

Akshaya K, Vinyasa 

Really challenging class but thoroughly rewarding! Loved Boo's energy, enthusiasm and instructions.

Adam W, Power Yoga

Super relaxing class, I almost fell asleep at the end!! Boo reads us poems, what more can one ask for? Loved it

Marie L, Hot Flow to Restore

Boo is great, love her energy!

 Hayley H, Vinyasa

Amazing class ,well though out and blissfully delivered. A rebooking future class for sure. not to be missed.

Nathan B, Hot Flow to Restore

Absolutely adored this class with Boo. i felt very supported ad able to fully relax into the meditation aspect of the class due to excellent guidance from boo.

Stephanie F, Yin & Meditation

Boo was so amazing! Almost teared up in the end when she asked us to offer our clessgins to those we love and hate. truly transcendental - an amazing way to recharge mid week!

Jaewon H, Hot Flow to Restore 

Boo is just lovely. The class was great, I really enjoyed the atmosphere and flow.

Dominika N, Vinyasa

Boo creates an amazing atmospehere in every class. It was an absolute pleasure attending her Backbend Flow.

Violeta T, Backbend Flow

A lovely Sunday afternoon class with Boo - an attentive teacher who always gives timely cues and tips to help us develop out yoga practice. Boo encourages us to push ourselves without forgetting to have fun!

Alexa L, Vinyasa 

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